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Small business cash handling solutions. 

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We are small business owners, too. Just like you.

We are an independent small company, based in Austin, Texas, that is owned & operated by two best friends. In the course of starting & running other small businesses over the last few years, we recognized a need for products to support handling cash that were simple, low-tech, and high quality (while remaining affordable). 

And so, in 2017, we started Certus Global with a simple goal: to make simple, beautiful, affordable products that we would want to use ourselves in our own businesses.

We stand behind everything we sell. We've learned a lot along the way, and doubtlessly have a lot more to learn. We are ever improving our products and our portfolio, and we welcome any and all customer feedback.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, we will refund or replace your product immediately. No questions asked, whatsoever, and no need to worry about returning the original product if it is difficult or inconvenient for you to do so.

Our Products

Manual Push Open Cash Drawer (Crisp White)

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Cash Drawer Midnight Blue

Manual Push Open Cash Drawer (Midnight Blue)

Can the Cash Drawer be installed under the counter?

Yes! We offer under-counter brackets that are perfectly sized to fit our Cash Drawer, allowing your cash drawer to be installed under your counter and keeping your POS station clutter-free. Installation is a breeze.

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You Might Be Wondering...

What if my product was damaged in shipping?

If your product arrived damaged in any way, just let us know. We will replace or refund your product straightaway. 

On the cash drawer, can I remove the bell ding that rings every time the drawer opens?

Absolutely! If you pull out and remove the drawer (similar to remove a drawer on a dresser) you will see a small black hook attached to the back of the drawer. Unscrew this hook (you will need a phillips head screwdriver) and the bell will no longer ring.

What if I've lost my keys?

Send us a note and we will work with you to get you what you need to get your product locking again. 

For the cash boxes, is the compartment behind the bills wide enough for checks and/or bills?

Great question! The compartment behind the bills is about 2 & 3/4 inches wide, which allows a standard size personal check to fit perfectly without being folded. Larger, printed checks or bills may have to be folded.